An extremely long moment. Before making a decision, it is essential to research several reasons, such as avoiding funding for irresponsible breeding, the health problems for which breeds may be famous, and making sure the breed you choose fits your lifestyle. Basically, if we are talking about cat breeds, there are two kinds, the small cat breeds and the large cat breeds. You can read more about it on STL Mommy. During my analysis, I came across a number of fascinating facts, such as some strange breeds of cats! Read to learn more about a variety of strangest kittens in the world.

Minskin cat is the true hairless cat


Khao Manee

In ancient Thailand, the odd-eyed Khao Manee was considered a magnet for a good fortune, and his eyes were believed to have mystical powers. Although his eyes are available in various colors, the combination of odd-eyed Khao Manee is the most enviable today. The best thing about this variety is that it is natural and not the result of reproduction.

Apart from intermittent deafness, which is related to the genes that make up the animals’ white coat, Khao Manee is not known for any breed-specific disease.


The breed has gained enormous popularity around the world, but at what price? Many people buy healthy kittens, but soon begin to notice the crucial health problems associated with this selective breeding.

So big that they can’t run or jump into their mailbox. Cats like these end up taking medication for the rest of their lives. The GCCF strongly discourages the breeding and purchase of these cats as their genes are considered harmful to your cat’s overall health and well-being.

Scottish Fold

Scottish fold is the cutest catScots are known for their ears that bend forward and give them a cute and nice owl look. This is the result of a deformation of the cartilage, which cannot support and retain the ears. This is some kind of gene mutations that results in this cat’s structural bones looks like having an arthritis


This weird-looking cat is from Russia. Some retain their skin, others lose it, and the genetics of why this happens is not yet fully understood. Kittens who manage to keep their fur have extremely short fur. Peterbalds are known to be tasteful, brilliant and very affectionate.


Minskins are known as hairless kittens, with possible hair tips, i.e., hair around the tail, nose, paws, ears and face. Because of their short legs, Minskins can bear a disease called lordosis. This is a condition that causes the spine to sink and stress the inside. It seems unfriendly to keep farm animals because of their appearance, which can be fatal.

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