If you’re a first time handgun buyer and looking for a quality .40 pistol for home defense, then you’ve come to the perfect place. Let’s take a closer look at the ten best .40 caliber handguns by reviewing their features and customer reviews. I’ll discuss the MSRP values of these guns (remember, costs change every day) along with overweight and capacity, as these are often key buying elements for people looking to get home defense firearms. We’ve tested all of the guns we recommend to give you the best and most accurate evaluation.

Firearms Purchase Etiquette

Every gun purchase is very private. Not all gun owners will agree with our positions and ratings. However, we believe that our efforts can allow you to find the best guns. If you have learned how to choose a higher caliber gun, shooting a higher quality gun can be different and even overwhelming. I urge you to find a scope and analyze a model for yourself before making a purchase. If you practice enough with a particular caliber, you will get used to it and feel much more relaxed when you return to using a smaller standard gun. Attitude and training are the keys to successful shooting.

Gun safety is vital for gun owners, especially those with young children. When you have your protection, practice removing your gun(s) from your armor from time to time to make sure you can do so promptly. On the other hand, the safety of your children comes first. Owning a protective device should not be equated with holding a gun. Kids are as intelligent and hardworking as we once were. Buy a safe, keep your family safe and take care of them:

Walther PPQ Pistol

pistolThe Walther PPQ didn’t sell that well, and the company also lagged in terms of the latest and greatest gun technology. It’s easy to remember that the PPQ was well known for its time.

The PPQ shoots with exceptional ease and unsurpassed accuracy. Like most Walther pistols, it is smaller than many semiautomatics, making it perfect for concealed carry. The gun shoots like a champ and handles tens of thousands of rounds without difficulty. The twist tube program eliminates a significant amount of recoil as soon as it is shot, allowing for much greater accuracy. 

Beretta PX4

The PX4 Storm also has one of the shortest triggers ever – an SA/DA trigger system that automatically changes as soon as the first round is discharged from the magazine. The PX4 comes in full, compact, and subcompact sizes with all-around performance. While this might be considered a feature that is only beneficial to government agencies and the military, anyone trained in home defense will tell you that the accuracy and speed will benefit a homeowner in a home invasion situation.

Kahr TP40 Pistol

pistolAlthough its capacity is less than the rest, this rifle is a powerful weapon to have in your home defense arsenal. Kahr is a new brand to me, but it was not a disappointment on the scale.

With its black aluminum frame and matte stainless steel slide, the TP40 feels like a different gun. You’ll also find that the pistol is significantly thinner than most, allowing for easy concealment. Two one-piece stainless folds are sewn into the front and back of this pistol, allowing for a stronger and lighter vinyl frame, as well as the publications, which are individually stacked. I think this is a great gun to carry near your facility.

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