Have you ever shared a bed with a snoring person? Well, you know how uncomfortable it can be. It might force you to switch beds or rooms. To the person snoring, it is a very embarrassing condition. What causes snoring? When the mouth and throat muscles relax, it blocks the air way. Making it difficult for free air flow. The pallet at the back of the mouth vibrates as a result. Apart from it being embarrassing, snoring can be a symptom of a very dangerous condition called sleep apnea. Medics say it can result in hypertension or stroke.

How to prevent snoring

If you are overweight, consider cutting your weight

fatOverweight people suffer different types of diseases. Snoring is among them. With large amounts of weight, it means you have a lot of fat, and this can lead to the narrowing of the air way. The possibility of snoring becomes very high, because, of the vibration of mouth and throat muscles. To cut weight, we have always been told to watch what we eat. Avoid taking a heavy meal before going to bed.

Do not take alcohol or sedatives before going to bed

Alcohol is harmful to your health. It will also make you snore. Sedatives and alcohol cause relaxation of the throat muscles. If it is a must for you to take alcohol, let it be at most two for gents and one for the ladies. Note that this should be taken four hours before sleeping, if you want to do away with snoring.

If you sleep flat on your back, it is time to change your sleeping position

Sleeping on your back makes the throat flesh relax hence blocking the air passage. Check around and you will realize that a larger number of people who snore sleep on their back. It is important to change your style if you among them. If you have tried but always finds yourself on the back, stuffing a tennis ball at the back of your sleeping clothes. You will feel uncomfortable when you sleep on back and turn around.

Avoid smoking

thank you for not smoking noteThis is a major contributor to respiratory diseases. It causes nasal and throat blockage. Snoring is all about air passage, with blocked throat, then snoring is a must. To avoid snoring and many other respiratory problems, quit smoking. The tips above are all simple and mostly contributed to unhealthy lifestyle. Choose what you eat, drink and you will never find yourself snoring. It is a matter of discipline.