Who does not like to spend hours playing LEGO? Almost everyone has their own LEGO collection when they were a child. Some might have decided not to keep it, but those fans store their LEGO collection until today. Suppose you want to find a way to manage your LEGO in their perfect condition. This article will give you five different ways to organize your LEGO collection that keeps increasing in recent years.

LEGO toy

Jumbling Up in One Box

Many people start their LEGO collection this way, and if you have only a few spaces or a few small bricks, it works very well. In case you have sons or daughters, your children will appreciate this selection more because you can only buy one box outside, and every single piece and bobsleigh is immediately available.

Using a LEGO Lay-n-Go Playmat

Although these excellent playmats offer a preservation level similar to that of a large box, they have a brilliant feature. Store the entire LEGO on a vast round carpet with ropes wrapped around the edges, so you can quickly clean up after a hard day’s playing it by merely holding the string and lifting it. The Lay-n-GO playmat is available on many online shops, or if you have a sticky rope, you can make one yourself.

Sorting Based on the Color

LEGO CollectionOrganizing your LEGO collection by taking advantage of the color is fantastic. It is effortless for little ones to help fix their LEGOs, and they even find it fun to help clean up. However, it might be hard to look for the missing piece in a particular variation. In other cases, you might want to find some parts you had in mind in a single color. Understandably, it is quite challenging to find specific items in one available color bait. You often have to pour all the parts first and always look for the perfect pieces, and the searching might take a long time. Suppose you want to play with your children to make some variations. This organization can be formidable because of the color limitation.

Using a LEGO Sorter

Another fantastic way is to utilize a LEGO sorting box. The concept is that you take a handful of the two LEGOs and push them to the top of this stack of boxes and then shake the packets over the tiny pieces that fall, the medium ones stay in the middle, and the big ones stay right on top. It is a brilliant invention. In case your LEGO collection is too big to fit into this box, you can still use it to organize your LEGO.

Sorting Based on Brick Type 

Sorting by unique LEGO bricks is where many LEGO collectors end up. The best way to sort your LEGO variety would be to sort all kinds of bricks in each designated box with similar shapes. You can try with three or four different brick types, such as roof bits, boards, sticks, Minifigures, and many others.

If you have many and many boxes, like one (or two) of these tool sorting trays you have in your garage with screws, the larger models are great for LEGO. Then, you can put every part of your LEGO collection based on its model. On the Internet, you might find some pictures of people with a large selection, and this is how you can start organizing your LEGO collection into a big one.

Published by Linda Green

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